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Health Outcomes Management Consortium
Leadership Team !

David Trunnell, Carl McNally, Robert DeNoble, Krishna Gazula, Joseph Rico and Sheldon Prenovitz

Founding Members

ABR - Administrative Business Resources
R & J Insurance
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Our Offering to You at a Glance

Health Outcomes Management Consortium (HealthOMC)

Our Story of Interoperability and Savings

We deliver you more leadership in your key areas of service and function.
  • Your HR and Payroll automated with our “Smart” HR/Payroll integrated self-service solution – with end-to-end, one-entry key data flows including health plan, employee self-service, time management, performance assessments, incentives administration, and hiring process management.
  • The right health plan design and setup – interfaced with your HR/Payroll and benefit management systems – our analysis, options, and recommendations to create savings for you.
  • Expert TPA services and health benefits management – personalized design and comprehensive benefit administration enable you to control healthcare quality and costs.
  • Award-winning health and wellness management - we develop champions in wellness on-site for you - with comprehensive strategies, fun, unique activities, and innovative technology. Our expertise with intrinsic incentives promotes engagement and true behavior change – which we measure along with your cost avoidance.
  • "Ultra Convenient Care" Health / Wellness Visits – Reduce your employee absenteeism and presenteeism with "quick and easy access".
  • Intelligent and flexible health and wellness management tools – self-management, enrollment and incentives administration for you and your employees.